Back to reality

It’s been a while since my last post. For those who thought or maybe hoped that I got a job, noup, that’s not the case. I just went on vacations πŸ™‚ and now I’m back.
You would think that there won’t be nothing to talk about, at least regarding job interviews etc. But! Even when I am on vacations, I still got invitation to the job interview and one call and I applied to one job add since it had short deadline.
So my vacations weren’t completly free of “job worries”.

I got an e-mail invitation for group test for a job at the Ministry. Of course the date was before the national holidays and during the time I wasn’t at home anymore. So I wrote back if it’s possible to get another date. I guess a lot of candidates were absent since they gave alternative date (which is tomorrow btw). I was a bit surprised because usually for these tests there are no other dates. Even in the invitation it is written like: “You cannot miss this date unless with doctors note” or something like that. You get siriously “scared” and you feel like schoolar again… I tell you that with these guys it’s not smart to joke πŸ˜‰

During my vacations I also got a call two days in a row. And then sms telling me that I must answer! if I still want a job. It was basically like that. Again some very serious people… I answered that I’m abroad and I will call them when I’ll be back. And reply was like ok, you will miss the interviews which are happening right now, but we’ll see. In translation: Maybe we’ll choose candidate and you’re out.
For once I was lucky since there hasn’t been any decision yet and I have scheduled interview for next week.

That’s about my “free of worries” vacations.


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