Crazy or what?

Now I really don’t know any more who is crazy. Me or them? With them I mean employers. Today I had two interviews, each more crazy then the one before. I can say I am still in shock what kind of stupid questions and tests did I do. And I didn’t tell them they’re crazy…. Maybe I’m crazy to put up with this s*… ๐Ÿ˜€

I wrote 3 tests in the last few days. The test from last week was in a way ok, but also stupid in some parts. The position was for a clerk (let’s leave all fancy titles of the position, ‘cos it’s only clerk’s work and nothing more) in some part of the Ministry, field of phytopharmaceuticals. So I got “instructions” regarding which themes will be checked. It said phytopharmaceuticals, the law in connection with them, the evaluation of their impact on environment and foreign language.
Ok. I knew I know things, maybe not everything, but I will try my best.

We waited and the woman with tests came in with a big wall watch in her hand. I was like: “Are you serious?” ๐Ÿ˜€ Then she said that the time is not limited, but on the other hand it’s 3 hours. I was thinking: “No way I’m seating here for 3h!”. In the end it took me an hour to finish everything.
First task was to translate regulation from our language to English. Who is crazy here? For that you have translators or you don’t need them since our language is one of EU official languages as well. Of course it’s important to understand the text, but to translate it, with such specific vocabulary, it’s nonsense. I guess this is the brilliancy of our country and their HR managers…
Then there were questions regarding the law and what is its purpose and so on, and some evaluations regarding humans and environment exposure to FFS. The most crazy thing was chemical formulae (which I haven’t seen it for few years) where you had to choose which degradation process is more common. I felt like being at organic chemistry in the first year of University. There were also some tasks where you had to calculate some factors and indexes regarding toxicity and so on… If you haven’t study that you don’t know exactly how to do it. So I guess I didn’t do these very well.
But please let someone tell me, which clerk knows these stuff? I can guarantee you, that very few of them, which are employed, know these. And for sure this is not the nature of work itself. So why to force candidates to write such test?

And when I thought I’ve seen it all… Today I got some new brilliant tests to write. I still have to gather my thoughts, so I will write about it next time.

But really, who is crazy here?


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