Lies, lies and lies

Everybody lies. That’s for sure.
I read a contribution of Liz Ryan where she was writing about lies which you hear in a job interview. She didn’t write about all lies, but just a few of them.
When you feel great after the interview you can wonder… for sure it cannot be so great. No job is that perfect. I had few such interviews where I really wanted to work there. But you have also interviews, where you know in a sec that you don’t want to work there. But these ones are in minority. Recruiters have to sell it to you, that’s the right approach for them.

So what lies can you hear in a job interview? About payment, that you won’t work alone on a big tasks, that they have great benefits, that they will notify you in a week and that they don’t have enough budget so you’ll start at a lower level.
In our country the payment is such a secrete! You rarely know in what range is the position you’re applying for. Even in a public sector there can be some adjustments. But in private sector haven’s forbid you ask about payment! This is a NO! for the interview. It’s crazy right, but so it is. I had once an interview in Korean company and they asked me right away what do I expect regarding paycheck. I must confess I was a bit surprised ‘cos in my country usually you don’t talk about money. On some other occasion I almost laughed because recruiter said that this position comes with a salary (gross) but she didn’t say any number. Just that you will have salary. Well no s***! 🙂 How can someone says this with a straight face?

I haven’t experienced that recruiter would talk about how much work there will be etc. In a Ministry they always talk how busy they are and how much work they have to do… It’s bullshit. In a public sector, especially working with documentation etc., people don’t work much. I know for sure. So when they emphasize about lot of work you can know that they’re telling lies. Most of the time.

I also haven’t experienced that they would talk about benefits besides salary. Of course you have few benefits, but that’s it. By the law you have to get money for lunch and transportation. So when that same funny recruiter was telling me that I will get money for lunch and transportation I wasn’t sure on which planet she’s on. She was selling me these like they were the only company who will pay that.

The biggest lie which you hear and it’s practically mandatory for each interview is that they will notify you within the week. Usually it takes a month or more. I don’t know why they cannot tell you before. I wanted to know if I got a job at Ministry so I called after a week. They told me I didn’t get it. Otherwise I would wait for a month or more to get notified. It’s not humanly to keep candidates waiting for so long. You would like to know asap, you have some other plans and life! So why are everyone so ignorant?

Regarding taking advantage of candidates – this is so wide spread! Employers want to get experienced and full of knowledge worker for the minimum payment possible. We live in the era of exploitation.


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