You came here with the car? By yourself?

More then six months ago I applied for a laboratory position in a newly formed company in my country. Headquarters are in Korea.
I drove myself there and was in the middle of a search for the right building when an Asian (I guess he was Korean 🙂 ) guy on the bike showed me the way. Literally. I followed him. The offices were in a huge hangar and the place was nearly empty with lots of Korean guys.

The interview was in English, but nobody informed me of that before. You think having an interview in English is tough? Then try to have an interview with older Korean guy and Indian guy. Indian who speaks English, you know how that goes… 😀
I had to be really focused and listened what he was saying and I still didn’t manage to understand all…

It started with hello, nobody introduced themselves to me and we sat down. They started to read my CV and underline things in front of me. Time passed and I felt stupid just to sit there in a silence. I started asking them questions (really it should be reversed situation, heh). I wanted to get more information since the job add didn’t say much about anything. I was surprised to got invitation for the interview in the first place since they looked someone with high school education – in such cases the candidates with higher education don’t get invitation at all.
They explained me that they’re looking for someone to establish the lab from the ground. The candidate should have deep analytical knowledge of chemistry and pharmacy and you know how it goes – you should have knowledge about everything 🙂 .

The both guys didn’t know that they looked someone with a high school education and only for 6 months. Or so the job add said.
They asked me how much do I expect to get paid. Well in our country this isn’t an usual question. In fact, you should almost never talk about the money. But it’s not a problem for me, just I didn’t want to tell the number. The truth is I had no idea how much the job is “worth” and of course I would expect to get paid a bit more due to my education and experience.

The important question was how far do I live. For our small country my distance to their company is relatively far, but the Korean guy said: “Oh, that’s not far.” It really depends from which point you look at this, for sure, in other countries this really isn’t far.
And then the funny question from Korean guy:
“How did you get here?”
“With the car.”
“By yourself?” He was very surprised. I guess for Korea this isn’t usual… Of course I drove myself there. It was really a funny question 🙂 .

So the whole interview was strange and confused. Like they didn’t know why we were there, what should they ask and what they were looking for. And it came out like I led the interview and I asked the questions.


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