Head hunter on a witch hunt

I still have lots of stories to write about job interviews, but it seems I don’t have energy to write about stupid interviewers and their questions… and if you think that such people have a job! ha 🙂

I came across head hunter for the first time in my life. They (the company) contacted me trough LinkedIn. The job hunter wanted to meet in person to introduce me the job opening, but on the phone she didn’t tell me much.

When I came to the office she gave me test right away. The point of test was to evaluate how do I perform under stress. What? I don’t care if I have only 15 minutes for stupid test. That’s not the real stress! It was so stupid. Ten exercises about calculations and percentage and the goods values and so on. I felt like in school again… I hated Math and Logic…
I told them (they were two of them on the interview) that such tests don’t do much good. And I think they were really offended. After that the interview went more in other direction – like that I was the one who applied not that they were asking me to come. It was like a “witch” hunt. It was my fault, that I didn’t ask before about the job position and everything and then they analyzed my personality. That I will have to change a lot, that I’m to closed person (introvert) and that’s not good for the job search and so on. But how can I help if this is who I am??
And she was telling me that I have to go out of my comfort zone that I will get a job and such stupid advices. I mean that if you’re a researcher and have a PhD is something different as if you’re something else. But of course the advices and tests and everything are by the book with no personalizations…

She was trying to convince me that my high education is not a problem that I cannot get a job. She was rather shocked that I’m looking for 2 years without luck. Yeah, I’m shocked too! Join the club! Especially if you know what incompetent people do get a job…

In the end when they practically told me that my personality is bad because nobody wants so serious person and introvert, we came acros my traveling and they were both like: WHAT? You travel and on your own??? That’s totally different! You are totally different person now! And I was like: What’s wrong with you? I’m not a tipical person and you cannot categorized me in only one “drawer”… But I guess every HR manager is doing this and probably many times gets it wrong. And the world goes on and incompetent people get a job.


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