For the last two months I’ve been freelancer for science at one of bigger newspapers in my country. They were really interested about topics from my field and first two articles were published quite fast. Then it started to go south.
I have dozens of experience in writing scientific articles, a bit less on the department of articles for wider non-scientific population. But I got good at it as well. The articles were simple of course, without complicate scientific language and results.

Editor directed me and the subjects were agreed up front. I wrote article about buckwheat. Editor wanted me to add some song about it (I felt a bit stupid about it), but I added it. Then there was hold up with the publishing. That something important came and it will have to wait. It dragged for 5 weeks. Of course I was asking when and what’s going on, but got not much of an answer or any info. Did they mislead me or what?

Few days ago I got an e-mail said, that the article is to simple for them. That all these you can read on a wikipedia and that they publish articles which describe some scientific research and so on. I was like WHAT? The article was already accepted to be published, it was all good. Editor read it few times and corrected it. So what happened 5 weeks later? I have still no idea. Such unprofessional attitude.
But I shouldn’t be surprised. It’s like that in every department of our society in my country! People who don’t know what they want and have a job. And people who are in a position without proper knowledge and then wants to show the others that they can act however they want because they’re in the position. I feel sorry for them. For such small-minded people. It is sad.


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