Dumb interview questions

I am pleased that someone recognized that some questions are stupid and insulting. Liz Ryan is writing about that in her answer to a question. Unfortunately my country is far behind... I got all these dumb questions on several interviews. The big pharmaceutical company, which like to brag how they're good employer, even the best, … Continue reading Dumb interview questions


You are doomed by birth

Few days ago I read an article in a paper regarding employers and HR management. I guess it's not enough for a candidate to apply and answer to the questions on the interview. Now they analyze you in deep. I mean all the crazy stuff and more. The most important factor is your personality. Not … Continue reading You are doomed by birth

Inappropriate questions: Are you a smoker? Why not?

I think this was one of the most absurd and idiotic interviews I had. The company is preparing sheets for chemicals. So like "passports" for chemicals. Basically all you do is translate these sheets. There were three people at the interview: HR person, person from the department and the owner of the company. First they … Continue reading Inappropriate questions: Are you a smoker? Why not?