Congratulations to me! I can't believe that one year has already past! I was deceiding for some time and then finally started. I am happy that  I did it. I have still some stories to tell and I believe it will be worth to read it. Till next time! đŸ™‚ via Introduction


Modern slavery

What's wrong with this country? Educated people with real knowledge don't get a job. How can someone with more then 10 years of working experience get only a position similar to an internship??? And that kind of jobs our national employment service (agency) offers. Shame. The agency doesn't do much for someone who is looking … Continue reading Modern slavery

Review 2017

What can I say about 2017? With one word: jobless But, happy. This year I finally started to write a blog. I needed to tell my stories about the interviews. It's a bit easier when you put this out. Now I would need to share these stories with many people. We should speak about employers … Continue reading Review 2017


"Why every time is another why with you scientists?" said my spouse few days ago. "Why you have to question everything and cannot leave it be?" I guess it's true. I do think and rethink a lot of things. There's always why is that so and then I try to solve the problem in question. … Continue reading Why?


A while ago I read the article about leadership. As a leader you have to be an example. You have to have good workers surrounding you and don't be afraid of them. Quite the opposite is in my country. If someone is good or even better, they don't let him be. Everyone should be equal. … Continue reading Ideas


For the last two months I've been freelancer for science at one of bigger newspapers in my country. They were really interested about topics from my field and first two articles were published quite fast. Then it started to go south. I have dozens of experience in writing scientific articles, a bit less on the … Continue reading Misleading?