Urge to discredit the candidate

My last interview was few months ago. It wasn't the last one because I would've been successful. No. But because I stopped searching for a job for a while. I have other important things in my life at the moment. The start was bad and strange. The secretary said I can go and knock on … Continue reading Urge to discredit the candidate


Weekly quote

Nobody is too busy, it's just a matter of priorities. And people often forget that or just want to be "important".

Inappropriate questions: Are you a smoker? Why not?

I think this was one of the most absurd and idiotic interviews I had. The company is preparing sheets for chemicals. So like "passports" for chemicals. Basically all you do is translate these sheets. There were three people at the interview: HR person, person from the department and the owner of the company. First they … Continue reading Inappropriate questions: Are you a smoker? Why not?